Welcome Home Resumes was formed in 2012 by Joseph Corsino. After talking with homeless and underemployed veterans across South Florida, he decided it was time to do something that could make a difference. After evaluating the current systems in place, Joseph created a program that is based on common-sense and harnesses the power of today's technology in a way that makes it more efficient for the companies who are serious about hiring veterans. The program, which gives veterans a very distinct advantage, was developed from the ground up using standardized technology that requires no special hardware or software. It is compatible with all computer operating systems and mobile platforms. The program is as simple as filling out a typical web-based form. We designed the program to be easily accessible by all levels of computer users. The program addresses the different issues that face both men and women and we have created separate divisions for each. The program is unique and there is truly nothing else available today like this. Take a peak and you will see for yourself why this program is taking veteran employment to where no other program can.



To reduce the unemployment rate and affect the lives of veterans across the United States by making our innovative and unique Interactive Employment Program available nationwide through the following methods:

Strategic partnerships
NationWide Mobile Classroom(s)
Interactive portals


We provide an Interactive Employment Program to veterans/spouses which gives them an advantage when seeking civilian employment. We do this through:

Roll Call style screening process
One-on-one personal approach
30 day Boot Camp style program
Employment matching
Post program support


Our organization was created to serve those people who need help. To provide a solution to an issue. In order to effectively serve our clients we must be true to our core-values. These values are defined as:



Success Rate

Veterans Processed
Veterans Hired
Success Rate (%)
Retention Rate (%)


Welcome Home Resumes is a registered 501(C)3 Charitable organization. We are focused on the reintegration of our nations veterans back into the civilian workforce... into positions which will allow them to be successful in maintaining a lifestyle which will allow them to take care of their family and NOT have to struggle. The men and woman who have served this country in the military have earned that right and our organization provides a way for them to achieve it with a support program in place that allows them to succeed. Below are some questions we are frequently asked. As you will see, Welcome Home Resumes and it's divisions are very transparent in their operations.

What are the salaries you pay to your Employees/Management?

Welcome Home Resumes and it's divisions are operated 100% by unpaid volunteers! There are NO salaries or compensation paid to anyone performing services on our behalf to veterans or their families. This includes our executive team and founders as well.

How much does the program cost?

Our program is no cost to the veteran or any member of their immediate family. Always has been free, always will be free.

How much of each dollar donated to the organization goes directly into the program?

100% of each dollar goes back into the operation of the program. Money donated covers essential operational costs such as:

  • Web-servers where our Interactive Resumes are developed and stored
  • Communications (we make ourselves available 24/7/365 to our veterans)
  • Office Supplies which every company needs/uses
  • Travel expenses to and from events where we provide our no-cost services to veterans/families
  • Marketing materials so we can get the word out about our services for veterans

All the other organizations I see run out of an office building, Why are you running out of a home office?

It has always been the mission of Welcome Home Resumes to put the needs of the veterans ahead of all others. In order to be effective at doing this we need to be focused on the services we provide to the veterans... to keep our overhead as low as possible and be as consistent as possible in our offerings. We choose NOT to incur added expenses that are associated with the operation of an outside office location. By utilizing a home office we are able to reduce our monthly overhead by approximately $3500 - $5000 per month. This puts a much lower financial drain on the organization and allows us to focus more on the quality of service provided.

There are so many Scams now-a-days. Are you a scam?

We provide essential employment services to our nations veterans and their families at no cost. We take no money from the veterans or the companies we partner with to assist in hiring them. We have been completely self-funded since our inception in 2012. In our eyes, we are one of the most reputable non-profits you can find. Because with Welcome Home Resumes, the veterans comes before the dollar.




The Welcome Home Group

Working with male veterans in a strategic program allows them to focus on the tasks that they need to develop the skills that will put and keep them ahead of the rest. Being a part of our program creates a “team” environment, which is something the veteran understands from their time in the military. The Team is made up of Career Coaches, employment specialists, as well as others who have extensive knowledge in the hiring process. These team members have one very specific goal in mind… Success. 





Employment Services for Women Veterans

Welcome Home Resumes has launched Employment Services for Women Veterans (ESWV), a new division that supports military women's transition into civilian employment. ESWV is staffed with dedicated female professionals who mentor women veterans through our highly successful 30 Day Interactive Employment Program. Female veterans receive expert military to civilian resume translations, interview coaching and job matching, all at no-cost. The Program is also offered to female military spouses. Being part of this team is what makes it so successful. The ongoing support, the dedication to success.



Veteran Job Board

Welcome Home Resumes Veteran Job Board is part of the Interactive Employment System. It was developed to bring prepared veterans together with the company’s that want to employ them. By bringing both together in a “Common-Sense” method, we eliminate a great deal of the frustration that has been so predominant in the process. Our mission is to make the program as frustration-free as possible for the veteran while maintaining a very high standard of quality. Our volunteers have spent many hours working with company’s across the country to identify those that have a desire to hire veterans. We have established relationships with them and have listed their open positions on this board. 


Corporate Partners

To view a list of our corporate partners click HERE